Un-tethered Flying Wind Power Plant

With the decrease of the fuel fossil resources, and, with their depletion in  the foreseeable future, the renewable energy resources are coming more and more to the front. Wind power plants are being built all over the world, to capitalize on wind energy.  Fluctuations in wind energy production enhance stress on the power system, since it is clear that the electric power system reliability requires the loads and the inputs to be balanced at all times.Another problem of wind power plants is their low efficiency and the small intensity of surface winds. If we would like to utilize wind power, we would have to build wind power plants as far as the eye can see. (And a little bit furtherů) Currently, many clever people are seeking the solution. Whatever happens, the idea of harnessing high altitude winds blowing at 10,000 meter altitude seems to be a promising way.  The topic has considerable scientific as well as patent literature, announcing a lot of creative conceptions. All these plans have a common feature. Namely these devices are floating in the air and tethered to the ground, since it is not possible to build several thousand meters high wind towers. The energy generated should be transmitted to the ground through electrical or mechanical transmission cables arranged parallel to the tether. Although this idea has been known for a long time (e.g.: the British patent GB489139 from 1938), and a lot of patents have been obtained since then, nobody built a commercial-scale prototype. No high-altitude wind power technology to date has reached an industrial scale. Since the flying units themselves are planes, autogiros, kites, parachutes or balloons, which are well known, one can suppose that the reason of the fiasco has to be the tethering cable itself, and the complications related to it.

Our Idea is to eliminate the cable and tether.  Learn more: www.ifo-energy-unlimited.com