Dobos, Gergely 

Gergely  is a fourth year student of the Budapest University of  Technology and Economics (BME) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering  and Informatics, currently working on his BSc thesis. He specializes in  computer based systems, embedded systems utilizing microcontrollers in  particular. Has experience with programming and hardware design projects.  Since the summer of 2011, he has been working for GE Hungary Zrt. in an  intern position. Some of his previous projects include: developing an  application for easy and seamless control of a high speed camera (for the  Department of Atomic Physics of BME); the design and construction of an  expansion board implementing position stabilization based on a 8051  microcontroller; developing a microcontroller based measurement system  capable of testing low pressure mercury-vapor lamps for GE Hungary Zrt.

Contact language:  English