Our company in pictures

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Here we are!


Etching machine



Birds eye view


Pilot etching machine 


View from our door




Pt removal

Etched part made from brass


It is gold! Gold from PCB-s


Automotiv catalytic converter befor
and after removing the washcoat

Chemotronik Ltd., is a small family company in Hungary about 100 km away from Budapest to the north-east.

We are carrying out research and development on request of third parties and on own initiative, including making feasibility studies of chemical technologies, and organisation of experimental as well as industrial production. We are engaged in a technology for Photochemical Machining (so-colled “PCM”) of copper alloys. Our novel developments   are: Un-tethered Flying Wind Power Plant   and Recovery of platinum group metals from spent automotive catalysts. (see photo below). These examples also demonstrate that we often find surprisingly simple solutions to very different problems. Simplicity is always one of our priorities, but it
never hinders us in applying the needed methods, in several cases also instrumental  ones, e.g. electron microscopy, electron microprobe (EMP), XPS, SIMS, thermal analysis, ICP spectrometry, etc. Being a small firm, we do not have these expensive instruments, but we have the needed contacts with colleauges as well as laboratories engaged in the procedures we need.w)  

We have a small industrial facility in village Nemti, in a really nice environment, see the photos above. It is our laboratory, pilot plant and a small chemical manufactory for photochemical machining at the same time.